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We enable you to compare a range of plans from Australia’s leading Energy & Gas suppliers.

Broadband & Telco

Comparing your broadband is important because it allows you to find the best possible deal for your needs.

Health Insurance

Save time and effort by comparing a range of Australia’s health funds with an independent comparison provider.


Comparing loans is essential for making informaed financial decisions. We can help you secure the most suitable loan to meet your needs.

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    Broadband & Telco

    We’ve partnered with several brands to help you compare Internet plans.

    Electricity & Gas

    Our energy consultants can help you compare plans.

    Health Insurance

    Our trained health insurance consultants are based in Australia and can help you compare policies from some of Australia’s leading health funds.


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    Broadband & Telco

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    Compare fast, reliable

    Health Insurance

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    Loans & Insurance

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Broadband is a type of high-speed internet connection that allows for faster data transmission than traditional dial-up connections. It provides a continuous and reliable internet connection that can handle multiple devices and applications simultaneously. Broadband can be delivered through various technologies such as DSL, cable, fiber-optic, and satellite.

    Comparing products, services or options is a way to evaluate their differences and similarities, and decide which one is the best fit for a particular need or situation. Comparing allows individuals or businesses to make informed decisions based on factors such as price, features, quality, and performance. It helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different options, and choose the most suitable one that meets the specific requirements. Comparing also encourages competition among providers, which can lead to better quality products and services at more affordable prices for consumers.

    Comparing your broadband is important because it allows you to find the best possible deal for your needs. There are many broadband providers, and each one offers different packages and plans. By comparing their offerings, you can determine which provider offers the best value for money, the fastest speeds, and the most reliable service.

    • Saving money: By comparing broadband providers, you can find the most affordable package that meets your needs, saving you money over the long term.
    • Getting faster speeds: Different broadband providers offer different speeds, and by comparing them, you can find the fastest speeds for your budget.
    • Improving reliability: Some broadband providers have more reliable services than others, and by comparing them, you can choose a provider that is less likely to experience downtime or interruptions in service.
    • Finding better customer service: Comparing broadband providers can help you find a provider that offers better customer service and support for any issues that may arise.In summary, comparing your broadband is essential to finding the best possible deal for your needs and budget, while also ensuring that you have fast, reliable, and high-quality internet service.

    Depending on the policy, private health insurance can help cover the cost of your medical treatments in or out-of-hospital that Medicare sometimes won’t cover. Out of hospital treatment can include services such as Dental, optical, physiotherapy or even remedial massage

    Private health insurance can help cover medical treatment received when hospitalised. Therefore, it is important to select the right level of cover for the clinical categories that are necessary to you.
    Your private health insurance should change as often as needed to ensure you are covered at all the different stages of your life.
    Also, private health insurance gives you the ability to choose your own doctor and avoid any public waiting lists for categories covered by your policy.

    There are many top competing health funds, however you want to find one that is best suited to your individual health requirements and not just a health fund that is the best in the market.
    This can sometimes be a difficult task for individuals, therefore companies like Health.Compare can offer comparisons of different health insurance policies to help you choose a policy that is catered to your health circumstances and budget.

    Excess is the amount you pay upfront to cover some of the hospitalisation expenses if you ever get hospitalised. The higher the excess, the lower your private health insurance premiums will be. This usually applies to people with relatively lower health concerns who do not see themselves being in hospital anytime soon and in the event that they are hospitalised, they can agree to pay a higher excess, ultimately reducing their regular premiums.
    Please be aware that excess amounts do vary depending on the health insurance provider, so it may be beneficial for you to consider your individual health and financial circumstances at the time of buying the insurance policy before agreeing to the Excess amount.

    In Australia, health insurance is not tax deductible however you can receive rebates for your private health insurance. When taking out Private Health Insurance you choose whether or not to claim a rebate from the government. The government rebate is dependent on a number of factors including age and taxable income.
    This can be applied to Hospital, Extras or combined products.

    In Australia, health insurance is not tax deductible however you can receive rebates for your private health insurance. When taking out Private Health Insurance you choose whether or not to claim a rebate from the government. The government rebate is dependent on a number of factors including age and taxable income.
    This can be applied to Hospital, Extras or combined products.

    While the average cost of private health insurance adds up to $160 per month per person, your premiums may go up or down depending on the type of cover you choose or the excess amount you agree upon.

    The starting point for many, is to look at your individual needs, preferences and financial circumstances.
    We will help guide you through this conversation by first understanding and then matching your needs to a tailored level of cover. Ultimately, what’s best for you and your situation will be completely different to many others who are eligible for Private Health Insurance.

    We compare rates & plans specific to your property & distribution network to provide you the best offer we have available from our panel of retailers. We can rank products based on your personal preference such as price, e billing or benefits. We don’t have all plans and retailers available in the market.

    There are several benefits to using the Eezee Compare electricity or gas comparison. We help you save time and effort by providing you with a convenient platform to compare multiple energy plans in one place. You can find potential cost savings by identifying plans that best suit your needs and offer competitive rates. Additionally, our service often provides exclusive deals and

    Absolutely! Our service allows you to compare both electricity and gas plans. Some retailers also offer Telco options as a bolt on. Please note that telco through Electricity Wizard is not compared. Whether you're looking for a new electricity provider, a gas supplier, or a bundled plan that covers both, the service can assist you in finding the best options. We may have solar specific plans that benefit you.

    No, Eezee Compare, the Energy Comparison service is only available in Victoria (VIC), New South Wales (NSW), South Australia (SA), Queensland (QLD) & Australian Capital Territory (ACT) for Electricity & Gas. We compare gas in Western Australia WA. Comparisons are not available in Tasmania or Northern Territory.

    The Eezee Compare service to Compare Electricity, Gas, Solar or all AND it’s free to use. There are no additional fees or charges associated with using the service.

    Yes, you can switch your energy provider through our service. Once you've compared the available plans and selected a suitable offer, our service can assist you in initiating the switch process. We can provide guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition to your new energy plan.

    Yes, we can compare & connect you to a retailer of your choice. Connections usually require at least one business day notice, there may be a connection fee passed through to you. This is not from us; this is charged from the distributor & will be applied to your first energy bill.

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